A relaxing place

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A relaxing place

Image credit to http: If you are in one of the most cosmopolitan and cultural cities in Europe then finding a place to relax may not be high on your list of activities to do but sometimes, finding somewhere where you can just enjoy your holiday and take a break from sightseeing is perfect.

In Barcelona, with its beautiful summer weather, there are a number of places that will allow you some relaxing time and who knows, some people find these spots more enjoyable than seeing the sights.


A relaxing place Beach Beach in Barcelona One of the most relaxing things to do for me is to find a nice spot on the beach or on the promenade and just sit back and enjoy looking out to sea and becoming mesmerised by the waves breaking on the shore. Even in winter, as long as you bring a coat then you will still find the experience realxing and the perfect way to chill out after a stressful day of sightseeing.

The sun also rises over Barcelona over the horizon so is a incredible sight for those early to rise or those who have not gone to bed yet. My favourite time to visit the beach is sunset as even though the sun sets behid you, the contrasting colours in the sky and in the sea make a fantastic view.

The gardens underwent a massive restoration and clean up operation before the Olympics in and new gardens were also added. To get to the top of the mountain then take the finucular to the top and enjoy the stunning views of the city.

The perfect place to relax while analysing the cities and finding the many sites of the city in tiny miniture detail.

A relaxing place

The park includes a zoo, a lake, a large fountain and several museums. The Catalan Parliament is seated at a building in the center of the park. The park is great to relax in and take in the beautiful architecture particularly the impressive Cascada fountain which will take your breath away with the beauty of it.

La Rambla This may come as a major surpirse to most people who have visited Barcelona as La Rambla is the street that is full of life all day and all night but there is something relaxing about grabbing a drink and then watching the world go by.

If you are a fan of people-watching then there are few places to go in the world, better for people-watching then the street of La Rambla, just ask the locals seated in the chairs at the top of La Rambla near Plaza Catalunya.

I love Barcelona and I love to explore the city and all of its hidden treats but I also sometimes like to take a step back and just enjoy being in such a incredible city without the stress of having to force through crowds and just want to relax and these are the places where I love to go. Article written by Sean, writer and blogger from homesearchbarcelona.

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Beantown: a place where you can rest in peace, knowing you won’t R.I.P. For an extra shot of relaxation, you can visit nearby Cambridge, the end-all-be-all of American historical charm. PD Waterfront is a place for the whole family.

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Hosting events all year round that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are Powerboat races, giant inflatables and fun fairs to keep the children entertained whilst the adults can relax in any of our great cafes and restaurants. Relaxing Place Essay. Stress is a dangerous thing many people deal with on a daily basis - Relaxing Place Essay introduction.

A relaxing place

Some people like a quiet place to relax, while others enjoy being in the hustle and bustle of a crowded place. I always go to the mountains to relax.

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