An analysis of the importance of motivation among entrepreneurs

Introduction Entrepreneurship is often redolent with the passion, energy, and creativity by discovering, generating, and stimulating opportunity [30].

An analysis of the importance of motivation among entrepreneurs

These resources are valuable, rare, non-substitutable, and imperfectly imitable Barney, In general, intangible resources such as the capability to innovate are more likely to be strategic resources than tangible ones because intangible resources cannot be easily substituted or imitated by competitors Lages et al.

These DCs provide a theoretical background for a firm or an entrepreneur to overcome existing barriers. To achieve the three objectives, both the qualitative research method using interviews and quantitative method using surveys will be employed.

For objective 2, the researcher will develop a questionnaire by adding non-economic, non-financial, and emotional success and resource factor questions onto existing questions.

Multiple regression will be used to analyze the data for objective 2.

An analysis of the importance of motivation among entrepreneurs

New questions especially for entrepreneurs will be added onto the existing questionnaire. Diane Masuo who have experience of conducting stress-level related studies in the past. Therefore, the statistical result figures and path diagram will be compared. The researcher will work with a research survey company to gather a sufficient number of samples - each group with at least participants i.

An analysis of the importance of motivation among entrepreneurs

In this study, suggestions regarding various ways to support female entrepreneurs will be discussed based on the findings.Abstract Many theories came along to show the importance of motivation. Motivators are the things that drive the employees to achieve; de-motivators are the opposite and .

Confirmatory factor analysis showed that social image of entrepreneurs is a better measure than national attitude toward entrepreneurship for the construct “entrepreneurial social .

Keywords Empirical Analysis Entrepreneurial Intention Motivation Self-Efficacy Start-up Business JEL Classification M30 Full Article 1. Introduction.

In an open and highly competitive economy like the present one, entrepreneurs play an important role in improving people’s welfare; along with this idea, the efforts to foster the interest of young people to become entrepreneurs after.

According to HSBC Private Bank, entrepreneurs across ages and geographies place greater importance on mentors, networks and internal teams — despite starting the journey as . In an organization perspective, motivation among the employees is likely to increase if the incentives given partially or fully their basic needs.

To achieve the objectives of an organization effectively, it is important for the management to identify the needs that motivate their . The number of minority entrepreneurs increased rapidly in the United States over the last two decades (Lowrey ) (Lowrey ); however, their share among business ownership is still small (Fairlie, Robb, and Hinson ) and their growth rate lags behind White-owned firms (Fairlie and Robb ).

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