Bryson the appalachian trail hiker essay

Both are unlikely heroes or anti-heroes who, with very little experience and against their nature set out on a journey or a quest with no thoughts of glory. Like Bilbo, Bryson and his companion are ordinary guys who often seem ready to give up their trip, preferring to read about it or watch it on TV at home. As an ordinary guy, Bryson makes himself into a character we can all laugh at and relate to as he hikes and travels the challenging, three thousand- kilometre Appalachian Trail in the United States.

Bryson the appalachian trail hiker essay

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Forty pounds over weight and with 80 pounds of unnecessary camping gear strapped to my back, I began the long arduous journey from Springer Mountain, Georgia north to the windswept boulders of Mt. My adventure led me through areas of fantastic unadulterated beauty.

Mountain peak to mountain peak, I traveled in awe; however, it challenged my stamina and personal tenacity to the nth degree- throwing up my hands and quitting was always just around the bend and in the back of my subconscious. Somehow though, I persevered through exhausting mountain climbs; to weeklong downpours of rain; to temperature drops below freezing.

And all along the way, I discovered tiny miracles. A case of bottled water left along the trail by an unknown friend —just when I happened to have run out of water. Or, an ice chest full of orange drinks and fruit left on the trail by a local small town minister; these miracles are what the other hikers call Trail Magic.

You would find something along the way, pick it up and put it in your pack and later on that evening discover that you indeed had an unexpected need for it. Everyone that I met on the trail had similar remarkable stories of trail magic that they had experienced along their journey.

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A Walk In The Woods While judgments may rightfully be made about his outdoorsmanship, anyone who can make shitting in your pants sound as poetic as he does is okay in my book: Why, I would die, of course.
Hikers welcome! – UpCountry Magazine History of the Appalachian Trail Hiking as a leisure activity is a relatively recent development. For much of human history, the overwhelming majority of travel occurred by walking.

Trail magic was everywhere. I once had come into a small town in North Carolina for a resupply. After I finished packing the food in my backpack, the sky opened up with a ferocious downpour of rain and I stood exhausted outside the store dreading the fact I would be sleeping again in wet clothes that night.

Just then a woman pulled up in her rusty car and told me to get in. She had assumed by my long gray beard, back pack and walking stick that I was a thru hiker just off the trail. She drove me the three miles back to the trail head and as I got out of her car, she offered me a fresh peach from her shopping bag.

I took the peach bit into it-it was refreshing and sweet and it put a smile on my face. Then, I looked up and the sky had suddenly cleared —trail magic-you bet ya! Four and a half months after I had begun my journey, I finally hobbled off the trail at Baxter Park in Maine.

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Click here to read a sampling of what young people believe.Bryson respects David Hortons efforts to push on and continue travelling the Appalachian Trail. Another example of his creative and well used humour is “ a tad stupid (actually very stupid, but I don’t want to seem unkind)” when describing some of the disabling factors which altered the efforts of hiker ‘Grandma’ Gatewood.

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker's Companion When planning an Appalachian Trail section hike, the first thing I do is to consult a ragged copy of the AT Thru-Hikers' Companion that I use to keep track of all of the miles I've hiked.

The Appalachian Trail is miles long - you are a through hiker if you do it all at once, you are a section hiker if you do it in separate bits.

Bryson the appalachian trail hiker essay

The Appalachian Trail is . Review Essay of A Walk in the Woods: Redicovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson and A Walk in the Woods directed by Ken Kwapis more by Kip Redick Review of both the book and the film published in the journal Environment, Space, Place.

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In the Spring of , I quit my job as a college president to go hike the Appalachian Trail. I had been planning to do this for many years; long before Bill Bryson wrote his book “A Walk in the Woods; and with age creeping up on me, I decided it was now or never.

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