Careful measurement of emf and or

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Careful measurement of emf and or

Recommended List of EMF Meters and Instruments For those of you who would like to take your own measurements of EMFs in your home or office, I have put together the following list of recommended affordable EMF meters and instruments that will give you reliable readings of the various EMFs that we consider to be potentially harmful.

Naturally you can spend much more money than you would need to purchase the meters I recommend below, and if your budget allows this, you should certainly do so.

More expensive meters don't have the limitations that some of the meters below do have, however the meters mentioned below will give you accurate readings for home use. While they are based upon the meters and instruments generally recommended by the International Institute of Bau-biologie and Ecology IBEthe list below is not specifically endorsed by the IBE.

This page last updated March 23, Introduction To take EMF measurements in and around your home, you will need four different instruments to accurately measure the four different EMFs that the building biology profession recognizes: Our profession has developed safe exposure guidelines since in Germany and they are now in their seventh revision.

Careful measurement of emf and or

These Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines were developed specifically for sleeping areas, and they are broken down into four levels of concern for the first three types of EMFs listed above the German building biologists did not develop safe exposure guidelines for "dirty electricity," but I give those values below.

The four levels of concern are "No concern," Slight concern," "Severe concern," and "Extreme concern. Only the most highlhy EHS people need to try to achieve getting into the "No concern" level, a goal that is generally not easy or is impossible to reach.

Careful measurement of emf and or the vast majority of people, getting somewhere into the "Slight concern" level will be quite healthy for them, as these levels are on a par with the general consensus for EMF exposure among non-industry EMF experts and researchers around the world.

For instance, the "Slight concern" level for AC magnetic field exposure in the building biology profession is 0.

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To download and print out the building biology safe exposure guidelines, click here. Generally speaking, the safe levels we try to achieve are less than: It will be a challenge to achieve these safe levels in some circumstances, and easy to achieve them in others. I discuss how we can help you do that after describing the meters and instruments used for each type of EMF.

These are not the most inexpensive meters available, but I chose them because they will provide reliable, easy, repeatable assessments of the levels of these potential hidden sources of ill health in your home and help insure the safety of your living and work environment. If you can afford them, these are the meters that I ideally recommend for the person who wants to hire me for a long distance EMF evaluation of your home when a local building building biologist is not available.

If you already have certain meters, you may want to upgrade depending upon how well the meter you have measures the EMFs that we consider to be important or just get the meters you don't already have. The four meters are as follows: If the sales representative does not know of that, ask them to ask Sean.

I explain each meter in detail in the respective sections below for each EMF type. More affordable choices of meters to measure each of the four types of EMFs, as well as information about each type of EMF and other retailers who also sell great meters, are presented below.

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AC Magnetic Fields Magnetic fields are considered by us to be the most serious type of EMF, but fortunately, with the exception of magnetic fields from overhead power lines, they are generally localized to only certain parts of the house and are the least common of all types of EMFs. However, when you find them, you must deal with them because they are the most harmful EMFs we deal with.

I say to clients that magnetic fields wear you down, causing a depressing influence on the immune system, compared to electric fields, which wear you out and rob you of a good night's sleep. Magnetic fields cause a serious influence on your vitality and are known to be carcinogenic.

To read more about the potentially harmful health effects of exposure to magnetic fields and the scientific research to back this up, click on Article on Magnetic Fields and EMF Research Citations.

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Magnetic fields are caused by: Overhead power lines, for which there is nothing you can do; if the levels are consistently above milliGauss wherever you measure in certain parts of your house, you must move where you sleep to another part of the house where they are lower, or, if that is not possible or the readings are high everywhere, you must consider moving altogether.

Electric current on the grounding paths of your electrical system, including the water service supply pipe and cable TV cable sheathing. These can be completely eliminated by installing a dielectric union and proper grounding to keep you in code; by using a non-metallic water pipe material if you are building new; and by installing a ground loop isolator if you have current on your cable TV cable sheathing.

Wiring errors on branch circuits in your walls, floors and ceilings, which need the services of an electrician who works in conjunction with one of us to trace and repair.

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These, too, can be completely eliminated. So-called "point sources" of magnetic field exposure, including transformers and electric motors. Fortunately the magnetic field around these sources, while high close in, drops off by the inverse cube law, meaning it decreases quite rapidly, usually within a foot or so around most sources.

Unsafe levels are only seen within feet around most plug-in transformers and within four feet around a refrigerator when the compressor motor is running. Electric clock radios have a field of feet due to the transformer inside or 3 feet if the hands move around a dial, due to an electric motor.

Electric wattmeters and breaker panels have a magnetic field of feet due to separation of conductors inside of them. I suggest that you read my article on magnetic fields on my website herefound on the Articles on EMFs page, before you begin measuring magnetic fields.Calculate pK w at these temperatures and the standard enthalpy and entropy of the autoprotolysis of water at °C.

Measuring and testing. General information. Connect Instruments to the Corporate Network - modern measurement instruments can be networked using corporate lan, but before you can connect, you must work with your network administrator Rate this link Fundamentals of Signal Analysis - document in pdf format Rate this link Hewlett-Packard Test & Measurement Educators Corner Rate this link.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS. DIVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND MEDICINE. Position on the Health Effects from Radio Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation in Fire Department Facilities from Base Stations for Antennas and Towers for the Conduction of Cell Phone Transmissions.

Forensic investigation: This article series aids building inspectors & building failure investigators & indoor environmental investigators with access to tools & methods useful across a range of disciplines ranging from forensic engineering & building inspections types of .

Inductance has been listed as a level-4 vital article in Science, Physics. If you can and careful measurement of the magnetic and electrical properties of the materials, I would be enabled to refine my intuitive notions of goodness, and construct a better coil.

I wonder if the section Shielding Back EMF should be here. That is, if it is. The second problem is that the datasheet gave an ESR, but this is always for a given frequency and temperature.

That frequency can be KHz, but for bigger value caps this value is most times Hz. So always look at the frequency. And be careful, sometimes .