Character of curley

This book was published in and it tells a story about adventures of two main characters Lennie Small — who is mentally challenged and George Milton who looks after him. Two men travel from place to place in search of job opportunities in California. I will focus on three main characters which are:

Character of curley

Initially he tells us that she is a beautiful girl who is lonely and she is the only female on the ranch. Steinbeck explains that she is presented as a sexual object for Curly. She clearly uses her sexuality as a weapon and is seen as a sexual predator.

Character of curley

Steinbeck is giving the reader a negative image of her, almost as a sex slave. She also wears a lot of make-up: She uses the power of being a white female to be racist towards Crooks. She knows Crooks cannot hurt or say anything against her because of the unfairness and punishment towards blacks, such as in the Scottsboro trial, and uses this to her advantage to take out all the hurt she has been feeling by being ignored on the ranch and only been given attention when she shows her sexuality.

In Of Mice and Men Steinbeck mainly presents Curley as a mean person who wants authority on the ranch. Although this makes Curley a more hated character, Steinbeck makes it clear to the reader that Curley is only mean as a result of being lonely.

This loneliness of Curley was typical of men on ranches in s America. Curley wants to get more authority on the ranch.

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Steinbeck also presents Curley as being an aggressive character. For example, Curley is quick to pick a fight with Lennie in Chapter three of the novel. The reader feels anger towards Curley at this point as he attacks Lennie only because he is bigger in build. Curley is also shown to only use his wife as when she dies Curley does not seem to show any love or respect for his wife as in staying with her when she is found dead or even going to her and his first thought is Lennie.

He only shows hatred for Lennie and wants to hurt Lennie. I think Steinbeck made this character to show how others actions and how they react to them can affect a dream or hope you have. In conclusion Steinbeck shows power in strength, where you are on the hierarchy and in sexuality of women.

Character of curley

Steinbeck shows that human nature changed considerably and mostly for the worse during this period of the great depression. How to cite this page Choose cite format:The other characters refer to her only as ‘Curley's wife,’ which is significant as she is the only character in the novel without a name.

She is a simple object or possession belonging to her husband and this shows the severity of the sexual discrimination in America in s. May 21,  · Episode 3 in this series on 'Of Mice and Men' focuses on the characters of Curley's Wife and Curley, their loveless marriage and the impact of her death toward the end of the novel.

Steinbeck shows us that Curley’s wife is flirtatious, mischievous but most of all an isolated character.

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She plays a main part in the novel; in doing this she displays and presents many of the main themes. Before we are presented to Curley’s wife, Candy talks about her, to George and Lennie.

She is spoken about in a gossipy manor. Curley: Of Mice and Men and Curley Essays. In the novel "Of Mice and Men" John Steinbeck recounts a story of dreams, trusts and dejection. We are acquainted with a majorly huge and complex Character, named Curley's wife.

In Of Mice and Men, character symbolism lets the reader see what life was like in the ’s.

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Curley;s wife symbolized the level of equality that women had in the time period that took place in the story. Women were property and objects. Steinbeck does a great job .

Instead of calling Curley’s wife by her name they say “Curley’s woman”, “a tart”, “the new kid”, etc. If men talked to her more and started calling her by her name Curley’s wife wouldn’t flirt as much and would feel way more valuable than she did.

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