Final project t306

Julie Brown jbrown clatsopcc. MWFT Th 9: This quarter we will read a sampling of the literature written in the Ancient World, beginning with the earliest written epic, Gilgamesh BC. We will follow the development of western literature as it develops in ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and the barbarian outpost of England.

Final project t306

Whether your institution has a central office or not, there are certain things that are just different when working on submitting and managing grants from within a department.

The session will cover finding funding sources, pre-award submissions and post-award management of grants. The session will also identify additional ways to provide ongoing support for investigators, including trainees, fellows, associates, staff and faculty researchers.

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Basic Know the differences and similarities between working in a department versus a central office. Learn how to support researchers within a department. It is critical to involve counsel in early decision-making, when drafting policies and protocols or beginning a new trial to avoid compliance issues and legal liability down the road.

This session addresses the top ten questions that you should be asking your attorney regarding your clinical research program.

Final project t306

Learn how to identify areas of legal and when to pick up the phone. Discussion of key areas of legal concern in clinical research will include fraud and abuse risks, research misconduct, Institutional Review Board IRB requirements, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAAdata security, marketing compliance, relationships with non-employed physician investigators, contracting, and compliance training and auditing.

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Attendees will be able to identify common legal risks in clinical research and when to take questions to their legal counsel. Intermediate Identify common legal risks in clinical research. Be able to better utilize their legal counsel to prevent and mitigate risk.


Medical Ethics in Human Subjects Research: The Immortal Cell Line of HeLa This session will provide an overview and historical context of the Henrietta Lacks HeLa story by examining how HeLa cells came to be, the way research subjects are treated and the balance of power as determined by race, economics and gender.

The presentation will review the principles outlined in the Belmont Report: This session provides a preliminary understanding of the difficulties and considerations that need to be taken into account when involving humans in research, including a foray into tissue ownership in relation to property and privacy.

List three different framings of tissue ownership in relation to property and privacy. Understand how NSF has implemented recent changes to proposal and award policies and procedures.

End to End Prerequisites: Principles of a Successful Mentoring Relationship Mentoring plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of work and professional career development of research administrators.

The fundamental characteristics of a successful mentoring relationship involve clear communication, respect and a mutual understanding of the roles and responsibilities of both mentors and trainees. In this highly interactive session, key components in the process of mentoring in an academic environment will be described.

Proper supervision and evaluation methods will be examined and some common pitfalls to avoid in mentoring relationships will be identified.

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Strategies to enhance responsible mentoring will also be discussed. Participants will better understand the process of mentoring and the roles and responsibilities of both the mentor and the trainee. Participants will more effectively avoid common pitfalls in mentoring relationships and more efficiently develop a successful mentoring plan.This project supports the mission of the Agricultural Experiment Station by addressing the Hatch Act area(s) of: processing, distribution, safety, marketing, and utilization of food and agricultural products; molecular leslutinsduphoenix.comtion of ethanol and longer chain alcohols from cellulosic raw materials in a biorefinery setting is a promising sustainable alternative to petroleum-based energy.

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More information on the project, especially the records of merchandising the finished product, can be found in the general files, folders , , , and The general files contain much information about specific problems and events in Latin America.

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