Frederick banting greatest canadian essay

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Frederick banting greatest canadian essay

Robert Tattersall Frederick Grant Bantingwas the driving force behind the discovery of insulin and in was voted the 4th greatest Canadian ever.

In he started in the faculty of divinity at the University of Toronto but soon switched to medicine. After a course shortened because of the war, was sent to Europe in as a member of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

He was wounded at the battle of Cambrai and awarded the Military Cross. He hoped to become a surgeon at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children but, after failing to be appointed to this prestigious position, set up practice in London, Ontario.

This was not a financial success and to make ends meet he got a part time job as a demonstrator at the Western University in London, Ontario. At the end of Octoberhe had to lecture to the students on carbohydrate metabolism, a subject of which he knew little.

While preparing for it, he read an article in the journal Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics by Moses Barronprofessor of pathology at the University of Minnesota, reporting a case in which stone had blocked the pancreatic duct leading to atrophy of the acinar tissue but leaving the islets intact.

This was not particularly startling since it had been known for some time, at least to physiologists, that this was what happened when the duct was ligated in experimental animals.

Banting decided that if he ligated the pancreatic ducts of dogs to cause the acinar tissue to degenerate, he might be able to isolate the internal secretion from the islets. Banting did not know but there had been many fruitless attempts to do this over the previous 30 years.

The meeting between took place on November 7th According to Banting, he repeated this three times. Nevertheless, he offered to help.

Banting contacted Macleod again in April and was was given a small disused dirty room in the physiology department.

Banting needed an assistant because he did not know how to measure blood sugar and Macleod had wisely insisted on this as the end point of the experiment.

Another stumbling block was Banting had never done a pancreatectomy, an operation used only in animal research.

In the middle of June Macleod went on holiday to Scotland although he could be and was contacted by letter. In August they depancreatized two dogs and treated one with pancreatic extract leaving the other as a control.

The untreated dog died in 4 days while the treated one remained in good health. When Macleod returned to Toronto at the end of September, Banting presented a list of demands including a salary and improved facilities.

Eventually he did produce better facilities and Banting was given a salaried job. At a journal club on November 14th Banting and Best gave a preliminary presentation of their work to colleagues and students. One important suggestion at this meeting was that the best way of showing that the extract worked would be if regular administration could prolong the life of diabetic dogs.

This was a major problem because the duct ligation method of obtaining extract was slow, cumbersome, and expensive. The rationale was that calf pancreas contained a high proportion of islets in relation to acinar tissue.

An important breakthrough came on December 6th when Banting decided to use alcohol in making their extract an idea Macleod had suggested some months before.

It worked well and led them to wonder whether they could get a similar result with fresh adult beef pancreas. That they did must have been a considerable surprise because the original rationale for duct ligation was that the internal secretion would be destroyed by proteolytic enzymes from the exocrine pancreas.

Around this time they were joined by Bert Collip who improved the extraction process.Sir Frederick Grant Banting Among the Greatest Canadians Sir Frederick Grant Banting was one of the greatest Canadians in history.

He was born on November 14, near Alliston Ontario, and died in at the age of Sir Frederick Banting was a great Canadian because his service in the Canadian Army Medical Corps and for the discovery of Insulin.

When Canada joined WWI Banting tried to join The Canadian Army but was not allowed do to his bad eyesight.

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Frederick Grant Banting was born on November 14, In Alliston, Ontario. He was the youngest of five children and his parents were William Thompson Banting and Margaret Grant. he went to the University of Toronto to study divinity, but later transferred to the study of medicine.

Frederick banting greatest canadian essay

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Frederick banting greatest canadian essay

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