Masters thesis filipina saipan

Abstract The endemic avifauna of Guam and the Mariana Islands represent a unique assemblage of bird species found nowhere else in the world and thus, are of considerable biological and conservation importance.

Masters thesis filipina saipan

Saipan, which was part of the Mariana Islands, provided significant strategic importance for both the Japanese and the Americans.

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The battle began in the early hours of June 15th when the US Fifth Fleet, under Admiral Spruance, converged on the island under the cover of darkness. During the attack on Pearl Harbor Admiral Spruance had been at sea. The very next day, Admiral Spruance steamed into the harbor where he witnessed the destruction of the entire Pacific fleet.

Friends, colleagues and countless brothers in arms died during what must have seemed at the time such a senseless act of violence. Admiral Spruance was reportedly so devastated by what he saw that he actually shed tears when telling his wife of the horrific event.

This vantage point would allow the B29s to bomb mainland Japan and return to Saipan safely. The Japanese were well aware of this importance and were prepared to fight to the death. Losing Saipan would also mean that Japanese forces south of Saipan would be cut off from the Japanese mainland itself.

The battle of Saipan proved to be one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific War. As night gave way to dawn the Japanese witnessed before them a massive fleet extending as far as the eye could see. Admiral Spruance had amassed, for his vengeance, a fleet of fourteen battleships; twenty-five carriers with carrier escorts; twenty-six cruisers; destroyers and countless transports.

This was truly a navy that meant business. When Admiral Nagumo and his officers first set eyes on this massive American fleet they initially thought American ghosts of Pearl Harbor had returned to haunt them.

During the first few days of the battle American Marines established several strongholds on the island causing the Japanese to engage multiple counter attacks. Even though there were significant loses on both ends the Americans repeatedly fought off the Japanese.

Japans high command changed strategies deciding to attack the US fleet at sea instead of the Marines on land. This strategy also proved disastrous for the Japanese as they lost three aircraft carriers and many aircraft. Even more importantly the Japanese found it difficult if not impossible to replace aircraft carriers.

The Americans were beginning to enjoy a shift in firepower in the Pacific.

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As a result the Japanese Navy was no longer able to resupply or reinforce their troops on Saipan. General Saito, Japanese commander of Saipan, ordered his troops to fight to the end.

He set his final base along a defensive line around Mount Tapotchau in the mountainous Centre of Saipan. This proved to be an excellent base as it was riddled with cave complexes which gave the Japanese the ability to carry out night time hit-and-run raids on the Americans.

Masters thesis filipina saipan

As casualties mounted on both sides the Americans were forced to adopt new tactics aimed at clearing out the cave complexes. The weapon of choice for this task was the flamethrower. Flamethrowers were used to drive the Japanese out of their hiding holes or to kill them where they hid.

The battle turned to July 7th when Saito ordered a suicide offensive. He ordered 3, able-bodied men, hundreds of ambulatory injured soldiers and Japanese civilians to attack American forces. Initially the Americans were taken by surprise as the Japanese successfully pushed through their front lines.

History tells us that the island of Saipan was officially secured on July 9th This date also serves as the official end of the Battle of Saipan.

Even so, a small group of Japanese soldiers held out in the mountains until December when they finally accepted that not only the battle but also the war had been lost. The Japanese government had caused these civilians to believe that untold horrors would befall them if captured by the Americans.

This fear along with an alleged order sent by Emperor Hirohito caused over 1, Japanese civilians to commit suicide as the battle came to an end. When Saipan fell on the 9th of July, Tinian and Guam quickly followed ending the slaughtering by the middle of August.

With these islands now controlled by the US, we must examine the impact of this action on the course of the war. This meant that the Japanese on the mainland were exposed to punishments from air and the sea.

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On July 18th, eight days after the fall of Saipan, Premier Tojo along with his entire cabinet resigned. Premier Tojo was the same Japanese leader and army general who unsuccessfully negotiated in Washington by the end of November which marked the famous day of December 7th to attack Pearl Harbor and other Asian countries.

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During the wet season, and 70% of radio-marked birds on Guam and Saipan, respectively, dispersed from their capture site to another wetland site. In , Saipan moorhen surveys indicated juveniles dispersed during the onset of the rainy season.

Thus, intra-island movement increased during the . What do you write essay online uk What Is A Masters Thesis masters thesis filipina saipan purdue owl essay writingThe maximum word length is between 75, and , words for a doctoral thesis, and 50, words for an MPhil and 20, words for the Masters of Research theses, other than in exceptional circumstances as approved by the.

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