Paper bowls

Wrap a bowl with plastic wrap.

Paper bowls

Sara Wells You know what my favorite part is about riding on an airplane? Oh wait, let me rephrase that: You know what my favorite part is about riding alone on an airplane?? Reading a magazine would be quite laughable in that situation.

Because something about being thirty thousand feet in the air makes me suddenly feel the need to know everything there is to know about tween heartthrobs, the cast of the Jersey Shore, and the status of the latest Bachelorette Couple. These are so cute and I can think of a million different uses!

Heck, you probably have all of that around your house as we speak, right? You can use the regular dinner sized plates, or you can use the mini dessert sized ones. So I used get this non-fancy scallop-edged scissors!

And if you want to skip the scallop all together? Be crazy like that. After you cut the quick scalloped edge, flip the plate over. Basically you want a tic-tac-toe shape.

The center square you see will be the bottom square of your little bowl.

Gather Together

One way will give you a wider shallower bowl, and one will give you a narrower, tall bowl. You will rotate the plate around and cut every other line, the dotted lines you see above. Just cut from the outside edge of the plate into that center square.

Draw on a few plates so you get the hang of it, and then you can move into super-advanced-paper-bowl making. Stack several plates on top of each other and just lightly mark 4 dots instead drawing the actual lines.

When you make your cuts, it looks like this: If you stacked several plates before cutting, separate them. Because I would have then started punching holes and tying ribbons and fidgeting with double-sided tape. Slip a rubber band around it!

So easy, and so cheap. Older kids could definitely put these together, and they could even decorate the plates first. I can see them on a sweet table for a birthday party or baby shower filled with little snack mixes. I headed to a local store with bulk candy bins and found tons of red, white and blue stuff How fun is that?

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Paper bowls

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Paper bowls

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Paper Mache Bowl