Plot analysis of the valiant

Obliteration of the Self or Death Worshipwhose core territories are ChinaJapanKorea and Indochina The perpetual war is fought for control of the "disputed area" lying "between the frontiers of the super-states", which forms "a rough parallelogram with its corners at TangierBrazzavilleDarwin and Hong Kong ", [33] and Northern Africa, the Middle East, India and Indonesia are where the superstates capture and use slave labour. Fighting also takes place between Eurasia and Eastasia in ManchuriaMongolia and Central Asia, and all three powers battle one another over various Atlantic and Pacific islands. Goldstein's book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, explains that the superstates' ideologies are alike and that the public's ignorance of this fact is imperative so that they might continue believing in the detestability of the opposing ideologies. The only references to the exterior world for the Oceanian citizenry the Outer Party and the Proles are Ministry of Truth maps and propaganda to ensure their belief in "the war".

Plot analysis of the valiant

It is controversial whether the visual or the aural evidence is more definite. Plot analysis of the valiant argument is that the MSD may be merely an artistic rendition of the ship, enlarging the most important sections for the sake of clarity. But then again, could the MSD be of practical use if it didn't show a true cross-section of the ship, if it simply left out complete decks?

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Another point is that the more detailed MSDs of far larger ships such as the Galaxy or the Intrepid are consistent with the mentioned number of decks, so why shouldn't this be possible on the small Defiant?

Unless there is a reference to an even higher number of decks, it would be an elegant solution if "deck 5" referred to the small space underneath the floor of deck 4 image.

The additional space may be uninhabitable, but it would suffice for a small corridor of 2m height at the inner sides of the nacelles which may be designated as "deck 5".

Fortunately, there is no mention of a deck number higher than 5 that we are aware of. Another corridor Internal structure The Defiant interior sets are different from those of other Starfleet ships so far in that the ceiling height is lower.

It appears to be at most 2. Another image from the same episode shows an even lower ceiling like we would expect on deck 5.

The intention behind this was to give the Defiant the feel of a warship, which is also corroborated by the doors that look like bulkheads on 20th century sea ships.

Anyway, the actual ceiling height does not correspond with the clear deck height visible on the MSD with an average of 3.

While it is unlikely that complete decks are omitted in the MSD, maybe on this stylized diagram the decks are simply depicted as being taller at the expense of the spaces between them. Like on any other Starfleet ship, it is uncertain whether the horizontal Jefferies tubes are actually located on the same level as the decks or whether they run between the decks.

Plot analysis of the valiant

In any case, if the clear ceiling height is only 2. On the Galaxy class, by the way, the deck height would not allow additional Jefferies tubes between the decks at all, but the blueprints don't show Jefferies tubes on any deck level either.

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In this respect the m Defiant is even more consistent, in spite of the imprecise MSD. External structure Speaking of external details that may tell us something about the ship's size, there are none.

Omitting all the details like windows, docking ports or lifeboat hatches may have been intentional, since the ship's size was apparently never definite in any stage of its creation.

Plot analysis of the valiant

There are two rows of lights image facing the interior of the ship which may be some kind of windows, but which wouldn't make much sense on these lower deck s. Moreover, this would mean there are either 8 decks altogether if we understand the light distance as deck height, or the lowermost deck 4 or 5 would have two impractical window rows close to the ceiling and close to the floor.

Ship encounters The Defiant is most often shown at a size of roughly m, but there are exceptions ranging from 50m to m. Visual comparisons like with the Klingon BoPthe station Deep Space 9 or the Jem'Hadar fighter are usually not reliable, since their dimensions are in doubt too.

Nevertheless it is interesting to note that the sizes of the Defiant and Martok's Bird-of-Prey match if the Defiant is m and the BoP has the original design length of m.

There would have been absolutely no need to introduce still another alleged VFX size of m for this particular BoP to match a m Defiant. The originally intended size of the station must have been less than 1km, as indicated by the Ops and promenade deck sets, but was usually scaled up indefinitely in VFX shots to 2.

This huge size is hard to maintain even if we favor a big Defiant. This may have been one reason for the DS9TM to settle on a diameter of m which seems like a compromise to let the deck plans of Deep Space 9 look half-way reasonable. Defiant-Excelsior comparison In DS9: A second very nice comparison with a ship of known size is possible in DS9: If the Lakota as an Excelsior refit is m long, then the Defiant measures at most m imagemost likely several meters less, depending on the unknown camera distance and lens.

The Cardassian Galor class is another possible reference ship, although the supposed design size of m of the Galor was allegedly decreased to m in DS9's VFX scenes. Anyway, if the Cardassian ship Kraxon measures m in DS9: It wouldn't exactly help to assume that the Galor class is still smaller.

The reason for the Defiant being that tiny lies in the plot. The Kraxon extends the shields around the Starfleet ship which has been stolen by Thomas Riker in order to protect it from the Keldons of the Obsidian Order.

More evidence for a tiny Defiant can be found in "Star Trek: First Contact" when Worf's ship is shown in front of the Enterprise-E and appears to be only 50m long imageeven if we are generous with the camera angle. Vice versa, the Defiant is just huge on two other occasions.

This is the most definite of few shots that require the Defiant to be m long. More evidence along the same lines comes from DS9: Defiant-fighter comparison Main shuttlebay The new shuttlebay see also the other problems below showed up only in DS9: The length of the shuttle was less than two thirds of the hatch diameter image.Valiant is a British–American computer-animated epic adventure comedy film produced by Vanguard Animation, Ealing Studios and Odyssey Entertainment, and released by Entertainment Film Distributors in the United Kingdom on March 25, and by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States on August 19, I enjoyed reading "The Valiant" in a buddy read with my dear friend, Antonia.

I was reading Magic Study earlier last week and while the plot was nothing impressive, I still gave it 4 stars because of the characters/5. Below you will see a chart of English language word roots that are common prefixes and suffixes to base words.

(This list is similar to that which appeared previously on this site.). Aulia Qanita A. The Valiant Holworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass 1. Plot Analysis: Exposition The exposition is when the narrator introduces the setting of the prison, the characters of the Warden Holt, and Father Daly.

Macbeth study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Defiant Problems "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." (John Masefield, Defiant dedication plaque) Introduction.

It is hard to believe and hard to accept that there are no reliable technical specs on the Defiant, unquestionably one of the most popular starships in the Star Trek Universe.

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