Said business school essays

May 5 — Stage 6: Is there anything else not covered in the application form which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you? Here are a few tips for answering it successfully.

Said business school essays

I am a firm believer of my philosophy that an individual fired by the power of passion and determination can bring about a change, a change that can inspire lives for generations to come Said business school essays keep one alive for a time period greater than a lifetime.

My belief in this has been initiated and reinforced by the way I have leaded my life. Being the first woman in my family who has stepped out of bounds of house to become the youngest team lead in my current organization was neither easy nor comfortable, but my passion kept me going, and now I have inspired a new generation of girls in my family, still studying but dreaming to be someone much more than a house maker.

Passionate about data crunching, data visualizations and gaining insights from those visualizations, I have driven innovative visualizations initiatives for the Sankalp NGO.

Admitted to Oxford Said Business School

Based on the blood donation drives data I have come up with insights for streamlining blood donation drive process. I am highly enthusiastic to build insights from Oxfords clubs and classroom data for helping the school, current students and future aspirants. Working at leadership role at a young age I carry with me an insight to overcome hurdles faced while working with cross cultural teams from nations like China, India, US, Canada, Germany, Japan and South Africa for both Government and Non-Government clients.

I am quite eager to help my peers in building the understanding on analytics, a core subject at SBS. I am also equally inclined to offer technical help to professors in Management Science research area. Along with this I am eager to take up sessions to broaden understanding of the technology sector and technology management roles for candidates, part of Oxford Business Network for Technology and Media group.

Having studied in a missionary convent school has not just given me in intellectual outlook, but has also given me attitude imbued with social, moral and spiritual values. The values given to me by my school, has not only helped me in my personal but professional life as well.

In my earnest efforts to give back to my school, I along with a group of other alumni have taken the onus to raise funds for the school, so that the quality of education does not suffer with the rise in cost while a meagre rise in funds.

We also take our time out to give career guidance to the present day students, mostly using online channels of communication. While at SBSI would love to follow my passion for mentoring. It would be my sincere effort to devote my time to mentoring new entrants.

I would want to lead an initiative to start an online chatting interface for guiding candidates looking to apply at SBS. I am positive I will be able to do this effectively, as I have successfully mentored over fresher during last 5 years.

MBA Experience : Applying for and taking an MBA at Said Business School, Oxford

Designing boot camp training sessions and leading a cell of ex-students and professors to give career guidance to fresher from my undergraduate colleges, has honed my mentoring skills. Our take on the initial draft: The idea in the above paragraph is great, but the first couple of sentences are a little dense.

There could be a better way to communicate the same thought. It might be better if the client were to touch upon professional experience first and NGO experience later. While stating any pioneering idea, it is important to check whether anything similar already exists, and whether it is feasible based on the limited information the client would have at hand.

The client might want to rethink this contribution. The client has structured the essay well.

Said business school essays

In each paragraph, the client first talks about what she has already done i. Overall, this is a great first draft.

There is only a little re-ordering and language editing required to bring it to its final shape. Final Cut after multiple rounds of reviews and drafts: My grandmother never went to school.

My mom is a graduate but has never worked. For the most basic personal needs, they had to depend on their husbands or fathers.

For the class of Said Business School's MSc Financial Economics, the Average Base Salary was GBP Programme finder Looking for the next step in your career? Search. Search. a) History and Birth of Said Business School Established in , Oxford University’s Saïd Business School is one of Europe’s youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools, with a reputation for innovative business education.

But it is their support that has made me who I am:Sample MBA Essay-Saïd Business School (Oxford) Posted on November 29, Getting into Oxford’s MBA Program is a dream for most of us. Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business Essay Analysis – Insead Business School Essay Analysis – Harvard Business School Essay Analysis – MBA Sample Essays; Testimonials; Contact Us; Oxford Said Business School.

Home; Oxford Said Business School; Coming soon [email protected] WhatsApp: + Facebook;. Said Business School Mba Essays. Oxford University has a rich tradition of developing leaders. Our MBA programme builds on this legacy, providing you with a solid foundation in core business principles while developing a broadened mindset and understanding of the role of business in society.

A transformational business school. Said Business School is part of University of Oxford and hence is a very competitive school. Though there maybe reasons for your poor GPA - you will need to be stronger in other aspects of your application. I would personally focus on blowing up the GMAT and have a solid experience & essays.

Why an MBA Out Of the Ordinary?

k Views · View 4 Upvoters. Related Questions. The Oxford University Said Business School essay requirements are truly “old school,” with three essays totaling 1, words. Relative to some other programs’ applications, Said’s just might exhaust you!

Apply for the MBA programme directly to Saïd Business School. You’ll need to do this during stages 1,2, or 3 of the MBA admissions process for the academic year.

You’ll need to do this during stages 1,2, or 3 of the MBA admissions process for the academic year.

Saïd Business School