The competitive nature of the cruising industry tourism essay

The Cruise Industry General Analysis and Overview Over the last decades, the modern cruise industry has responded to extensive market and consumer research with the presentation of innovative naval design concepts, new ship lengths, ever more exotic destinations around the globe, and new on-board and on-shore activities and themes, developed to offer a vacation alternative that satisfies the expectatives of everyone. The Cruise Industry Development The cruise industry, which modern version dates from the s with the development of the North American industry, has experienced an increasing process of popularization, becoming a major part of the tourism sector, and reaching a level of enormous significance world-wide as an economic factor.

The competitive nature of the cruising industry tourism essay

Our world is diverse.

The competitive nature of the cruising industry tourism essay

It is composed of countries with a variety of cultures and customs, rural areas and urban centers, each with its own distinct flavor, and so on.

The activity we call tourism, with its great economic and social benefits, provides citizens of all countries with an opportunity to explore new places, to meet new people, to learn new things, and, perhaps in the process, learn more about themselves.

Travel is a bridge between people. Today, the terms tourism and travel have become almost interchangeable. However, when we look at the history of transporting people, we see that in the early days travel was a far from a pleasurable activity.

It connotes the act of travelling for pleasure, as well as the industry that developed to service that activity. Tourism also connotes the ability of people to escape from familiar surroundings and everyday routine.

The competitive nature of the cruising industry tourism essay

It is no wonder, then that the history of tourism is the history of those who broadened the horizons of transportation. It was those who dreamed and those who dared, including Henry Ford and the Wright brothers, who gave us our present day transportation system which harmoniously links speed, safety and economy.

While travel has been a human passion since the dawn of history, tourism only became possible as technological improvements provided comfortable, safe, and, above all, enjoyable ways to travel. The modern tourism industry is composed of numerous separate industry segments. Sometimes competing, yet more often providing services supplementary in nature.

Each segment of the industry developed as a result of different historical forces. A study of the tourism industry, its development, current issues, and future opportunities can best be introduced by a closer look at the major historical developments.To achieve that goal, the tourism industry should focus on developing tourism quality, branded, highly professional and modern on the basis of optimal exploitation of resources and national advantages, to promote interdisciplinary, inter-regional and socialization, and the role of business dynamics.

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Humans minds are always curious, which leads the result of numerous expeditions and explorations to satisfy the curiosity and broaden the knowledge about the surrounding world.

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