Virgin active swot analysis

Opportunity Screening and Analysis Opportunity Screening and Analysis Developing a sufficiently detailed understanding of which markets offer the greatest opportunity — and whether that opportunity is sustainable — can be a complex task. Many factors must be considered, such as application requirement, cost of change to fabricators, processing conditions, market size, market potential and competition. Additionally, shifting trends which open — or close — the potential market opportunity must be fully assessed. The complexity of this exercise is compounded where multiple market segments are being analyzed.

Virgin active swot analysis

What you seek to identify in this case study is not what SWA strategic advantage is we all know it is low cost provider.

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These are importance concepts and tools but what strategic strategies and what tasks had been blended together to mold a strategic fit forming a strategic advantage competitors for decades have tried and failed to copy?

Strategic fit activities are what you seek to identity, discuss and map. Read the entire case which is very interesting but contains much information not germane to what you seek. Sift through the facts and identify and discuss as many strategic fits tasks or activities SWA has implemented to create its dominating competitive advantage.

The lowest fares were customarily nonrefundable but could be applied to future travel on Southwest sans acquiring a change fee.

Southwest has made a consistent practice of instigating special ticket price campaigns to encourage ticket sales on flights that otherwise would have had plentiful unoccupied seats. For example, the company had used price sales to battle slower travel times throughout much of the recession of — A load factor is the percentage of all available seats on all flights occupied by fare-paying passengers.

In SeptemberSouthwest proclaimed it had entered into a definitive agreement to buy all of the outstanding common stock of AirTran Holdings, Inc. AirTran was also a low-fare, low-cost airline.

AirTran served 70 airports in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean; nineteen of these coincided with airports already served by Southwest.

AirTran had 8, employees, aircraft, and nonstop routes; in AirTran transported The combined organization would have nearly 43, employees and transport more than million passengers annually. Advance purchase requirements on tickets were more lenient than those of its rivals. SWA has drawn a lot of attention over the past couple of decades as a thriving company in the midst of an otherwise sluggish and seldom profitable industry.

The difference, for SWA, is it simply does things differently. It did so by undercutting the competition with no-frills flights and, in the process, building an army of budget-minded fans. Now many of those longtime customers say the Dallas-based carrier that calls itself LUV airlines has been losing their love since it recently began to shift its focus away from low fares and friendly service toward swelling its bottom line.

Virgin active swot analysis

It cut the legroom on many planes to fit more seats, retooled its frequent flier program to make passengers spend more money to collect points and adopted new fees to board early. It also ranks high in on-time performance.

But even airline officials conceded SWA had to find new ways to make money to compete. With the economy rebounding and demand for air travel still relatively strong, airline industry experts say now is the best time for SWA to test new moneymaking ideas without risking the loss of too many loyal fans.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves we need to address the two problematic situations that have occurred for SWA since the Air Trans takeover which was to some extent associated to the new leadership management appointed in Where can I find funding and investors?

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Virgin active swot analysis

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In conducting an opportunity screening, Lucintel conducts industry analysis, marketing dynamics, financial estimates, distribution and sales dynamics. Lucintel has developed proprietary models and market assessment tools to support rigorous screening, evaluation and prioritization processes.

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