Write about holi festival in hindi language

July 20,

Write about holi festival in hindi language

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Food The food of Haryana is true to its soil. The diet of the people of Haryana mostly consists of rotis and dairy products.

write about holi festival in hindi language

Dairy products such as butter and ghee are prepared at home by women and are relished with every meal. Lassi is a commonly prepared beverage that people in Haryana drink.

Some of the popular items of the Haryanvi cuisine are Pethe ki subji, teet ka achar, churma, kheer, malpaus etc. This dance is performed in groups. Usually comprising of a group of 12, men dress up as women in this dance to play the roles of female characters.

The dance is based on folk tales or religious stories. This is performed on the birth of a male child. Women perform this dance on the sixth day of the birth of the child.

Usually performed at night, the dance depicts romantic stories. Language The language commonly spoken in this region is Haryanvi. The language is an Indo-Aryan language and is quite similar to Braj Bhasha.

It is also considered to be a dialect of Hindi. However, the preference of the people for non-vegetarian foods makes it a little different from the rest of North Indian foods. Red meat and wheat bread predominate the cuisine of Himachal Pradesh.

A beautiful folk dance which is usually a mime and depicts the sowing of crops and the ensuing festivities. This is usually performed to welcome the autumn season. The costumes of the dances of this folk dance is particularly interesting because of the variety of colours and women dancers were extremely beautiful silver jewellery.

Language Hindi is the official language of Himachal Pradesh. However, in some parts of the state people still speak the Pahari language, which has many dialects and sub-dialects too.

Punjabi is also widely spoken in the state. Jammu and Kashmir Food The Kashmiri cuisine places great emphasis on meats.

write about holi festival in hindi language

Even early spiritual texts have mentioned that the people of this region were heavy meat eaters. The most popular non-vegetarian food item in this region is mutton and is cooked in as many as 30 different ways. It is basically a ritual dance which is performed to appease the gods.Avast Free Antivirus Free Download has 4 primary defense elements: Submit Guard, Actions Guard, Internet Guard, and Mail Guard.

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Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. होली पर निबंध (होली एस्से) You can get here some essays on Holi in Hindi language for students in , , , , , , and words.

सभी लोग बैर-भाव भूलकर एक-दूसरे से परस्पर गले मिलते हैं। घरों में औरतें एक दिन पहले से ही मिठाई, गुझिया आदि बनाती हैं व अपने पास-पड़ोस में आपस में बांटती. होली: रंगों का त्योहार - About Holi in Hindi People in a joyful mood enjoying and celebrating the Holi festival, in New Delhi on March 06, People in a joyful mood enjoying and celebrating the Holi festival, in New Delhi on March 06, CNR Photo ID http.

Credit: jaume Shutterstock Language. India has 28 states and seven territories, according to the World Health leslutinsduphoenix.com is no official language in India, according to a Gujarat High Court.

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