Write an inmate in colorado

Regular visitation assists individuals re-entering the community by helping to preserve healthy relationships with family and friends. The Department strives to make these visits comfortable and pleasant. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the visiting rules and procedures for Colorado Department of Corrections prior to visiting. Specific rules and useful information are outlined below in the "General Information and Approval Process" section.

Write an inmate in colorado

If you are visiting Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry the visitors application must be sent to: Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry E. If the inmate is transferred to a new facility the application must be filled out again for the new facility.

If you do not visit your inmate for one year, you are placed on inactive status and you will need to resubmit a visitors application to visit again. Anyone entering into visitation will be searched, any vehicles on penitentiary property will also be searched. Here is some additional information you should know when visiting your inmate in Colorado: When you first enter the facility you will need to register and complete a consent to search form which allows the facility to search you.

If you do not fill this out you will be denied visitation. Visitors may not bring any items other then a car key, ID and small bills, quarters for the vending machines.

Cell phones, pagers, cameras, credit cards, prescriptions, books, cosmetics are all prohibited from being brought into the facility. If you have a wheelchair, cane or other device you may be required to exchange it temporarily for a prison issued device for the duration of your visit.

write an inmate in colorado

If you have a bandaged injury, cast etc, it will be searched. If you are visiting an inmate and have outstanding warrants you may be detained or denied visitation. If the visiting room becomes overcrowded or the line to enter visitation becomes long the staff will terminate visits in the order in which they started.

Visits are a minimum of two hours. The offender does not want you to visit. If you appear intoxicated. If you refuse to be searched.


If you possess any items that are not allowed in the institution, this includes weapons, drugs, cell phones, cameras, etc. If you create a disturbance, or you fail to control your children during visitation you will be forced to leave.

If you use foul language you will be ejected from visitation. If you commit a felony, or have been incarcerated for a felony in the past 3 years you will be denied visitation. While it is up to the discretion of the staff on duty to enforce these rules, you should do your best to follow them to ensure your visit goes smoothly.

The only contact allowed is a short hug and kiss at the opening and close of a visit. Holding hands is allowed, but no other body contact may occur.Connecticut Inmate Search Guide. Find inmates incarcerated in Connecticut (CT) State prisons, Federal prison, County jails and Connecticut Department of corrections (CTDOC).

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write an inmate in colorado

Visiting Application and Rules for Visiting a Colorado Inmate One of the most beneficial sources for an inmates success in prison is having visitors. Visitors help the inmate maintain a connection with the outside world and often the people they most care about.

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